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Website management will ensure your website is up to date and visible in the search engines, a website needs to be found to generate new business for your company, afterall, wasn't that the original plan?

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Three elements for Success

There are 3 important parts for a successful website, web design, web hosting and website marketing, (part of your website management plan), getting these 3 ingredients right can make the difference to your online success.

Spalding Web Design

The right web design can really make a difference to your business and here at Spalding web design this is what we do.

We offer a fast loading web design that get's straight to the point in offering your website visitors exactly what they are looking for as soon as they arrive on your website.
A website that will encourage your visitors to get in touch, afterall, wasn't this the original plan for your website?

Website Marketing

Website marketing is simply a case of optimizing each web page for the correct keyword phrases your potential customers are searching for and then creating regular monthly backlinks using a variety of these keyword phrases.

In time, using website marketing, a website should return the results you so desire.
Fact is, the Internet is full of competition for the first page and many website owners are doing whatever they can to be there.

Business Web Hosting

Business web hosting for your website simply cannot be a cheap solution you found online in a Google search, this has to be a professional business web hosting package from a UK based datacentre.

The positive here is that you can be sure of a quality business web hosting solution that will fit the needs of you, and your company's website.
Choosing the wrong web hosting package could have negative affects on your success online.

Is your website mobile friendly?

It's a fact that more than 60% of Internet searched are done via a mobile device, if your website is not mobile friendly you could be losing out to your competitors.

Google and other search engines are giving priority to mobile friendly websites and if your website does not conform to this new way of searching then you could eventually be left behind.

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We provide and are highly competent in what we offer, and that is the expertise to improve your business online.

Website Management

A complete website management plan will take care of your company website, making sure that it's up to date and user friendly and giving you the confidence that your website is as user friendly and as good as it can be.


Marketing your website cover's a number of elements from exclusive link building that others simply can't offer to optimizing your website so people can find it when they are searching for the products and services you offer.


PPC or Pay Per Click is ideal if you want to jump above everyone else straight away, you can decide where you want to be on Google, also the perfect solution for promotions or seasonal products.

Website Growth

Your website can grow over time, adding more pages of interest to your potential clients, a useful addition to any website is an easy to use blog where you can quickly login and add new pages yourself.

What People Are Saying About Us

Meet our happy clients and find why our Agency is the preferred choice.

And again – thank you for a prompt and personal service. I remember about 10 or 12 years ago, I was trawling the web for a new host for my e-commerce site. I came across your site and, on an impulse, phoned the advertised number and you personally answered.

Henry Tomkins HT Leather

“We have known Colin Castle for quite a few years and decided to ask their services when our website needed a long overdue redesign. They listened to our requirements and after coming back with a design, worked with us over the final tweaks leaving us with an excellent website.

Adrienne Blair 24 7 Accountants

Dear Colin, I thought it appropriate to write and express my satisfaction at the way things have been handled regarding my website and the results that have arisen. I wished to progress 'gently' and I very much appreciated the immediate support you have given me when I have had a query.

Genevieve Stocker Wedding Plates

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Colin Castle is the managing director of Spalding Web Design firm, Web Centre Plus. With 20 years in the business there is nothing we can't achieve when it comes to the success of your online business. One of the main reasons for having a website is to achieve success online, generating new business, making it easy for your visitos to navigate through your website and to get them to contact you, taking that first step into buying into your business.

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